What Do You See?

What do you see

When you look at me?

A smile that hints

Of days carefree?

A poised stand?

A steady hand?

Shoulders built

To withstand?


What do you hear

When I speak?

Commanding voice,

Or mouse-like squeak?

A confident tone?

Words I hone?

Someone for whom

Concern is unknown?


What do you think

If you think of me?

A person who knows

Who they’re meant to be?

Clear direction

No doubt or question?

A life aspiring

To perfection?


But look again

And do you see

The feelings that

Sit heavily?


Reddened eyes,

A sleep disturbed.

Furrowed brow,

A mind perturbed.

Tear tracks from

A row off scene,

Tension held

Beneath the sheen.

A back cowed

Under the weight,

Lethargy carried,

In a heavy gait.

A foot that taps

A secret fear –

We’re not always

As we appear.


Look again

And you will find

The mask we often

Shelter behind.




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