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No Parent is an Island

‘How can someone who is never alone feel lonely?’   There has been much talk recently about the subject of loneliness amongst mothers, particularly new mothers. It is an important subject and one which is rightfully getting air time. After … Continue reading

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2016: Take The Good With You

  And so it turns out that the smouldering embers of 2016 still have power to burn. That even in these dwindling days, there is still time to heap more sadness upon a brow-beaten people. The death of a beloved … Continue reading

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The Lies My Pregnant Self Told

      That woman…the one with the huge, protruding bump, so enormous it looks as if it will cause her to topple over. That woman, with the beatific smile and the dreamy look in her eyes. That woman, who … Continue reading

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Self-Esteem: The Most Precious Gift of All

A few weeks ago, we had our daughter’s 12-month assessment. It was the second one she’d had, the first having taken place a month or so earlier, but concluding unsatisfactorily when our little girl was deemed to have not met … Continue reading

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Empowering Men To Be Themselves

The 19th November is International Men’s Day and if you’d have mentioned such a day to me a few years ago I would have probably – shamefully – rolled my eyes. Growing up in a gender that has historically and famously … Continue reading

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The (Commercial) Meaning of Christmas

The nation held a collective baited breath. Weeks, if not months of waiting had come down to this. It was a pivotal moment for the country, and one upon which so much hope and anticipation was riding – the risk … Continue reading

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Being Kind to Ourselves

Our lives are extraordinarily busy. Home. Work. Chores. Responsibilities. And when we become parents, our worlds become consumed with our children, with meeting their wants and needs and ensuring their happiness. They are the centre around which we oscillate, juggling … Continue reading

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