How will I know?

map-2527433_1920How will I know?
Will there be a sign?
A sudden realisation
That you’re meant to be mine?

Will I know in a look?
In just a fleeting glance
That tells me quite clearly
You are my chance?

Or, will it be a smile
A warm, upturned grin
That’s the catalyst for
Forever, to begin?

Could it be in your words
That I will uncover
The truth that I won’t
Ever need another?

Will it be in a touch,
A hand on my own
That I’ll understand
My heart is now home?

But what if I don’t
Ever come to know?
What if true love
Doesn’t ever show?

Then there you are.
And as if I always knew
It’s my one, my soul mate,
My darling – it’s you.

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