Family Ties


A gossamer thread

In our lives will embed

Tying us up in a knot

A bond never forgot.


An invisible line

An unspoken sign

Of a heritage shared

Of lives duly cared.


It links like a vein

Love flows in the chain

And time doesn’t alter

Nor miles ever falter.


Not eroded by wear

Or able to tear

And through high and low

It doesn’t let go.


It’s there at the start

And the time to depart

Can’t cause it to rupture

It’s not built to fracture.


This tie that will bind

Will keep us all twined

Hearts joined together

As family forever.

We Are Braver

I know you’re scared.
I am too.
But these are things
I know to be true:

We are braver
than we think
we’ll come back
from this brink;
We are stronger
than we believe
more power within us
than we conceive;
We are resilient
as we bend
for the challenges
we must contend;
We are kindness
seen in action
to lend a hand
a natural reaction;
And we are love
in word and in deed
‘for the greater good’
is what we need.

This will pass
it won’t last forever
but we’ve really got to
work together;
Wash your hands
keep your distance
that is how we’ll
make a difference.

And this is why
I know it’s true
That this raging storm
we will get through


Sweetheart 4th-min
..and just like that
she is four.

How her parents
watch in awe
as her confidence
grows more and more.
She eagerly seeks
‘I’ll do it myself’
her preference.
And her bravery
is quite inspiring,
for new adventures
she’s always aspiring.
Her determined streak
means she doesn’t quit,
defeat, she’s isn’t
wont to admit
(especially about
her chosen attire,
rainbow dresses
are so desired).
Her disposition
is sweetly sunny,
and really she is
rather funny.
Beside her is
a joyous place,
her love envelops
in an embrace.
Caring, she shows
and a kindness worthy
of admiration.
Her happiness radiates
out from within
as attested by
her beautiful grin….

Our darling girl who
we entirely adore,
utterly magnificent
as you turn four.

How will I know?


map-2527433_1920How will I know?
Will there be a sign?
A sudden realisation
That you’re meant to be mine?

Will I know in a look?
In just a fleeting glance
That tells me quite clearly
You are my chance?

Or, will it be a smile
A warm, upturned grin
That’s the catalyst for
Forever, to begin?

Could it be in your words
That I will uncover
The truth that I won’t
Ever need another?

Will it be in a touch,
A hand on my own
That I’ll understand
My heart is now home?

But what if I don’t
Ever come to know?
What if true love
Doesn’t ever show?

Then there you are.
And as if I always knew
It’s my one, my soul mate,
My darling – it’s you.

What Do You See?

What do you see

When you look at me?

A smile that hints

Of days carefree?

A poised stand?

A steady hand?

Shoulders built

To withstand?


What do you hear

When I speak?

Commanding voice,

Or mouse-like squeak?

A confident tone?

Words I hone?

Someone for whom

Concern is unknown?


What do you think

If you think of me?

A person who knows

Who they’re meant to be?

Clear direction

No doubt or question?

A life aspiring

To perfection?


But look again

And do you see

The feelings that

Sit heavily?


Reddened eyes,

A sleep disturbed.

Furrowed brow,

A mind perturbed.

Tear tracks from

A row off scene,

Tension held

Beneath the sheen.

A back cowed

Under the weight,

Lethargy carried,

In a heavy gait.

A foot that taps

A secret fear –

We’re not always

As we appear.


Look again

And you will find

The mask we often

Shelter behind.




Winter, 2016



Darkness envelops

A cloak of grey

Wrapped up in shade

Light pushed away.


Coldness permeates

A visible chill

Relentless, it has

Strength to instil.


Malaise lingers

An aura of gloom

A sense of foreboding

Of imminent doom.


But look for the light

Behind the cloud

A glimmer of sun

Upon us endowed.


Coolness dissipates

In an embrace

Soothing the soul

Warmth, to replace.


Happiness creeping

A tentative grin

Hate’s overcome

It’s love that will win.


How can it be

That a year has gone by

Since you arrived in the world

With a life-grabbing cry.


Twelve months, just gone

Flown, in a haze

Of sleep-deprived nights

And jam-packed, full days.


So much has changed

Since that incredible day

When you grabbed our hearts

And took our breath away.


No longer a baby

Now a little miss

With your own ideas

Upon which you insist.


Chomping your food

Pushing our hands away

‘I’ll feed myself, thanks’

You want to say.


And ‘Mumma’ and ‘Dadda’

Just roll off your tongue

Your words are so warming

Like rays of the sun.



Sitting up proudly

Desperate to walk

Staying in one place

Is making you baulk.


Swaying your shoulders

When we’re singing a song

Your dancing infectious

So we groove along.


At the end of each day

We all curl up tightly

Reading our stories

It’s  our routine nightly.


And through the itching

Which you bravely endure

You still wear that smile

We completely adore.


A little bit of mummy

And partly daddy too

But mostly you’re just

All fabulous, you.


You’re the love of our lives

And all we want to say

Is darling, we wish you

A happy first birthday.

Prose for Thought

First Day

You didn’t turn around

You just looked ahead

Letting someone else

Hold you instead.


You didn’t look back

Without fear you went

Not a murmur or moan

Or sign of dissent.


You didn’t hesitate

Your confidence clear

Not a shred of worry

Or a hint of fear.


You showed no doubt

Not a falling tear

Or vociferous cry

For all to hear.


You held yourself

With poise and grace

Not a single frown

On your pretty face.


But I was the one

Who let out a sob

An ache in my chest

That I could feel throb.


My tears a mix

Of joy and of pride

For the first time we weren’t

Right by your side.


You didn’t turn around

You made my heart soar

My little baby girl

We couldn’t ask for more.

Prose for Thought



If Not Now…

Tomorrow, perhaps

I’ll wake up at dawn

And wander outside

As a new day is born.

I’ll feel the damp dew

Under my feet

And watch the sun rise

Where land and sky meet.

I’ll feel the warm rays

Beat down on my head

And be grateful I left

My snug, cosy bed.


Next week, maybe

I’ll visit a friend

Once, so close

Now a friendship to mend.

We’ll laugh and recall

Times from before

Memories, so precious

That still they endure.

We’ll vow this time

To never lose touch

As we realise our bond

Means so very much.


Next month, I could

Take a flight

An adventure that starts

At a soaring height.

Travelling away

To a land much admired

A place to visit

For so long desired.

Gazing upon

A sea glittering blue

I’ll wonder at the sight

Before me so new.



Possibly, next year

I’ll follow my dream

However out of reach

It might now seem.

I’ll take a brave step

And push down my fear

As I finally do justice

To a wish long-held dear.

And when I succeed

In spite of all doubt

I’ll be grateful I dared

To let my hopes out.


But there’s no hurry

There’s no great haste

I’ve still got plenty of

Time to waste.

I’ll stay in bed

And carry on dreaming

Planning for tomorrow

Plotting and scheming.

And maybe one day

I’ll finally make a start

To live the life

That I want in my heart.


But what if time goes

It just fades away

And with it the promise

Of a brand new day?

So today, I’ll get up

And stand up tall

I’ll grab hold of life

And give it my all.

No longer my dreams

Will remain in my head

I’ll finally live the life

I’m wanting instead.


Two Tiny Hands
Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
Prose for Thought
Two Tiny Hands











That first glimmer of life
Which made our hearts soar
From the moment we knew
We couldn’t have loved you more.

Those first few weeks
So fraught with fear
Counting down the days
That were bringing you here.

And then we found out
With a girl we were blessed
As mummy’s tummy swelled
Our secret, people guessed.

You grew stronger and stronger
And finally came our date
But you were in no hurry
And arrived eight days late.

And then there you were.
Beautiful, wonderful you
With soft dark brown hair
And eyes just so blue.

We completely fell for you
Our hearts filled with love
For our amazing Thea
A true gift from above.

We’d left home as two
And returned as a three
Each day we were bonding,
As we became a family.

With each cry we learnt
What you needed from us
Whether it was more milk
Or just a little fuss.

That first smile you gave us
So sweet and so dear
That first lovely giggle
Filling the room with cheer.

Now we are watching
As you learn and you play
Growing bigger and stronger
With each passing day.

One day you’ll be grown
The world for the taking
Your future is bright
It’s of your own making.

Our wish for you sweet pea
Is a life filled with joy
That you spend your days
Doing things you enjoy.

Our darling girl Thea
Our lives began anew
The day that we met
Amazing, gorgeous, lovely you.