If Not Now…

Tomorrow, perhaps

I’ll wake up at dawn

And wander outside

As a new day is born.

I’ll feel the damp dew

Under my feet

And watch the sun rise

Where land and sky meet.

I’ll feel the warm rays

Beat down on my head

And be grateful I left

My snug, cosy bed.


Next week, maybe

I’ll visit a friend

Once, so close

Now a friendship to mend.

We’ll laugh and recall

Times from before

Memories, so precious

That still they endure.

We’ll vow this time

To never lose touch

As we realise our bond

Means so very much.


Next month, I could

Take a flight

An adventure that starts

At a soaring height.

Travelling away

To a land much admired

A place to visit

For so long desired.

Gazing upon

A sea glittering blue

I’ll wonder at the sight

Before me so new.



Possibly, next year

I’ll follow my dream

However out of reach

It might now seem.

I’ll take a brave step

And push down my fear

As I finally do justice

To a wish long-held dear.

And when I succeed

In spite of all doubt

I’ll be grateful I dared

To let my hopes out.


But there’s no hurry

There’s no great haste

I’ve still got plenty of

Time to waste.

I’ll stay in bed

And carry on dreaming

Planning for tomorrow

Plotting and scheming.

And maybe one day

I’ll finally make a start

To live the life

That I want in my heart.


But what if time goes

It just fades away

And with it the promise

Of a brand new day?

So today, I’ll get up

And stand up tall

I’ll grab hold of life

And give it my all.

No longer my dreams

Will remain in my head

I’ll finally live the life

I’m wanting instead.


Two Tiny Hands
Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
Prose for Thought
Two Tiny Hands










24 thoughts on “If Not Now…

  1. My friend Rose died recently, and your poem has brought to mind that although she was flamboyant, and 80, she’d never dyed her hair purple, despite wanting to. She’d finally decided to do it the next time she went to the hairdressers when she took ill, swiftly declined and died, having never dyed purple. It’s just a little thing. There were lots of bigger things she did achieve, but it’s making me think about what I’m putting off.

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  2. I love this. What a beautiful piece. It’s so important to live in the now with no regrets because you just don’t know what tomorrow holds! #kcacols


  3. I believe that this poem would ring true for so many people – me included. I am realising more and more that I will not be here forever and my time is now. Beautifully written. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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  4. Amazingly brilliant poem. It’s message is so true, if we wait for our dreams we really do risk them not becoming a reality. Sometimes there are things we need to wait for, but other times those dreams can seem so scary or hard work or difficult, so putting them off is the easier option, but I agree, not the best. Xx #ABrandNewDay

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    • Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say. I have been guilty of putting things off in the past but I think having a milestone birthday and my little baby girl has given me a new impetus to grab life and live it xx

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  5. Reading through your other comments and responses, I would definitely agree with you that having the children has given me a lot more get up and go than I used to have! When I think back to before they were born, I can’t believe how much more I could have achieved if I had had the motivation! Oh well, I’ll just have to do what I can now 🙂
    x Alice

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  6. That’s so brilliant, very fitting for #abrandnewday. It’s so easy to watch the world go by and daydream, why dream when we can just go and do it… I watched Eddie the Eagle on Wednesday, now there is a boy who became a man that had a dream and accomplished it. Thank you for sharing with us at #abrandnewday

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  7. A beautiful poem and it speaks so true. My Mum passed away almost 2 years ago at the far too young age of 58. My Dad had only just retired so having saved for years so they could enjoy the retirement, his grief was all the more concentrated that he would now not be able to do what he wanted with my Mum. He now tells my sister and I to try and both live now and think of the future. This poem tells that message wonderfully.

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