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No Parent is an Island

‘How can someone who is never alone feel lonely?’   There has been much talk recently about the subject of loneliness amongst mothers, particularly new mothers. It is an important subject and one which is rightfully getting air time. After … Continue reading

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The Woman Who Disappeared

I had disappeared. And I didn’t know where I might be found. ‘I just want to feel like me again,’ I said, tearfully, two weeks into motherhood. Perhaps a wander out alone might help? But the half hour spent loitering … Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Magic of Christmas

We had become jaded, the two of us. The cost, the stress, the hassle. The overindulgence and the nauseating hangovers. The songs which jarred, the garish decorations, the embarrassing jumpers. The joy of giving, which could only be achieved via … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Sleep

I didn’t sleep. For the two nights that you spent making your descent into the world, your pushes and shoves becoming more insistent as you drew ever closer to your journey’s end. ‘Mummy,’ your sharp movements told me as you … Continue reading

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