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2016: Take The Good With You

  And so it turns out that the smouldering embers of 2016 still have power to burn. That even in these dwindling days, there is still time to heap more sadness upon a brow-beaten people. The death of a beloved … Continue reading

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Rediscovering the Magic of Christmas

We had become jaded, the two of us. The cost, the stress, the hassle. The overindulgence and the nauseating hangovers. The songs which jarred, the garish decorations, the embarrassing jumpers. The joy of giving, which could only be achieved via … Continue reading

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The Parenthood Impostor Syndrome

‘I don’t think I’m good enough.’ This sentiment, this sense of lacking in some way, of being deficient in ability or capacity is one that surely many of us feel at some point in our lives, even if we don’t … Continue reading

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When Parenting Reality Kicks In

‘Baby soft skin.’ At least, that’s what they’re meant to have. Ours didn’t though and at three months old she was diagnosed with eczema.   ‘Not to worry,’ we thought, unperturbed by such a common ailment and, accordingly, the condition … Continue reading

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Choosing Not To Judge

  Long before our little girl was anything more than a beautiful notion, my husband and I agreed that he would take the lead on childcare in the first year. At the time, this would have meant him leaving his … Continue reading

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Love is in the ordinary

My darling Sweetpea, My phone is angry with me, berating me for my abuse of its memory capacity with an angry little warning sign. ‘You must delete some pictures,’ it judgementally chastises me. I never had this difficulty with my … Continue reading

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You Taught Me

My sweet baby girl So pure and so new There are so many things I want to teach you. Like how to distinguish Between right and wrong And which path is best To travel along.   And darling, I’ll show … Continue reading

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Family Tie

A gossamer thread In our lives will embed Tying us up in a knot A bond never forgot.   An invisible line An unspoken sign Of a heritage shared Of lives duly cared.   It links like a vein Love … Continue reading

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It’s just a step To take A tiny move To make But my toes Feel like lead And a deep fear Looms ahead.   I need to make That lift Force my heels To shift Yet I’m gripped By paralysis … Continue reading

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A Daddy’s Care

Your devotion’s been unstinting Your adoration endless Your commitment never wavered Your hard work’s been relentless.   Borne out of love, a promise Exceeded in its honouring A decision made, so selfless A generous, heartfelt offering.   Not once could … Continue reading

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