Sweetheart 4th-min
..and just like that
she is four.

How her parents
watch in awe
as her confidence
grows more and more.
She eagerly seeks
‘I’ll do it myself’
her preference.
And her bravery
is quite inspiring,
for new adventures
she’s always aspiring.
Her determined streak
means she doesn’t quit,
defeat, she’s isn’t
wont to admit
(especially about
her chosen attire,
rainbow dresses
are so desired).
Her disposition
is sweetly sunny,
and really she is
rather funny.
Beside her is
a joyous place,
her love envelops
in an embrace.
Caring, she shows
and a kindness worthy
of admiration.
Her happiness radiates
out from within
as attested by
her beautiful grin….

Our darling girl who
we entirely adore,
utterly magnificent
as you turn four.

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