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The Parenthood Impostor Syndrome

‘I don’t think I’m good enough.’ This sentiment, this sense of lacking in some way, of being deficient in ability or capacity is one that surely many of us feel at some point in our lives, even if we don’t … Continue reading

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When Parenting Reality Kicks In

‘Baby soft skin.’ At least, that’s what they’re meant to have. Ours didn’t though and at three months old she was diagnosed with eczema.   ‘Not to worry,’ we thought, unperturbed by such a common ailment and, accordingly, the condition … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Sleep

I didn’t sleep. For the two nights that you spent making your descent into the world, your pushes and shoves becoming more insistent as you drew ever closer to your journey’s end. ‘Mummy,’ your sharp movements told me as you … Continue reading

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Choosing Not To Judge

  Long before our little girl was anything more than a beautiful notion, my husband and I agreed that he would take the lead on childcare in the first year. At the time, this would have meant him leaving his … Continue reading

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