How can it be

That a year has gone by

Since you arrived in the world

With a life-grabbing cry.


Twelve months, just gone

Flown, in a haze

Of sleep-deprived nights

And jam-packed, full days.


So much has changed

Since that incredible day

When you grabbed our hearts

And took our breath away.


No longer a baby

Now a little miss

With your own ideas

Upon which you insist.


Chomping your food

Pushing our hands away

‘I’ll feed myself, thanks’

You want to say.


And ‘Mumma’ and ‘Dadda’

Just roll off your tongue

Your words are so warming

Like rays of the sun.



Sitting up proudly

Desperate to walk

Staying in one place

Is making you baulk.


Swaying your shoulders

When we’re singing a song

Your dancing infectious

So we groove along.


At the end of each day

We all curl up tightly

Reading our stories

It’s  our routine nightly.


And through the itching

Which you bravely endure

You still wear that smile

We completely adore.


A little bit of mummy

And partly daddy too

But mostly you’re just

All fabulous, you.


You’re the love of our lives

And all we want to say

Is darling, we wish you

A happy first birthday.

Prose for Thought

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