It’s just a step

To take

A tiny move

To make

But my toes

Feel like lead

And a deep fear

Looms ahead.


I need to make

That lift

Force my heels

To shift

Yet I’m gripped

By paralysis

As I’m trapped in

This stasis.


Space must

Be found

Between my sole

And ground

But my feet

Refuse to bend

Despite the signals

That I send.


I give myself

A push

A shot of

Adrenaline rush

And my feet

Are finally free

Poised and ready

Now to flee.


Then I’m running.


Pavement pounding

Footsteps sounding

Breeze blowing

Hair flowing

Legs shaking

Path snaking

Dirt kicking

Heels clicking

Heart pumping

Soul jumping

Steps lengthening

Body strengthening

Lungs inhaling

Mouth exhaling






One step becomes a pair

Two steps become a mile

As over land I hare

All troubles now erstwhile.


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20 Responses to Run

  1. 38to39a says:

    Nice! Lots of lovely phrases in there which really make me feel the hesitation, then taking the plunge!


  2. So clever! I know that feeling well and the pace and rhythm of this poem is excellent.

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  3. mumzilla says:

    This is fab – I really feel the sensation of running! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS and hope to see you next week!


  4. What a fantastic poem – love the rhythm and how it reflects the actions (not that I’d really know, I’m a terrible runner haha). Beautifully written, I am always in awe of those who can write wonderful poetry in rhyme! #KCACOLS


  5. Beautiful. Love how the words and tempo escalate with the activity x #kcacols


  6. ljdove23 says:

    Lovely poem and I could really feel the rhythm of you running, great post. #abrandnewday


  7. very creative! #ABrandNewDay

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  8. twotinyhands says:

    Brilliant poem. Running is a bit like that, a moment of dread and difficult to start but when you’re going it gets easier and when your done your glad you did it! Thanks for linky to #abrandnewday

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  9. twotinyhands says:

    I’ve shared this on Twitter but don’t know your handle off the top of my head to link you to it xxx #abrandnewday

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  10. Great poem! I don’t really DO running, but that gives you a sensation of doing it!
    Have you read Heartbeat by Sharon Creech? It is about a young girl who loves running and it is written in verse. You can read an excerpt here, you might find it interesting 🙂 I loved it 🙂
    x Alice


  11. Michelle G says:

    Ah thanks very much 🙂 I will definitely check this out, it sounds amazing x


  12. This is so clever! I love how it is constructed so that when the running picks up so does the pace of the poem. I need to remember this next time I run – or, at least, try to! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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  13. Oh wow, what a fantastic poem! I love the pace and I actually felt out of breath inside after I’d finished it reading. I’m going to add this to my best reads 🙂 #abrandnewday

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