That first glimmer of life
Which made our hearts soar
From the moment we knew
We couldn’t have loved you more.

Those first few weeks
So fraught with fear
Counting down the days
That were bringing you here.

And then we found out
With a girl we were blessed
As mummy’s tummy swelled
Our secret, people guessed.

You grew stronger and stronger
And finally came our date
But you were in no hurry
And arrived eight days late.

And then there you were.
Beautiful, wonderful you
With soft dark brown hair
And eyes just so blue.

We completely fell for you
Our hearts filled with love
For our amazing Thea
A true gift from above.

We’d left home as two
And returned as a three
Each day we were bonding,
As we became a family.

With each cry we learnt
What you needed from us
Whether it was more milk
Or just a little fuss.

That first smile you gave us
So sweet and so dear
That first lovely giggle
Filling the room with cheer.

Now we are watching
As you learn and you play
Growing bigger and stronger
With each passing day.

One day you’ll be grown
The world for the taking
Your future is bright
It’s of your own making.

Our wish for you sweet pea
Is a life filled with joy
That you spend your days
Doing things you enjoy.

Our darling girl Thea
Our lives began anew
The day that we met
Amazing, gorgeous, lovely you.

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